My Story 

Author, Writer, Speaker, & Life Coach,  John Mouser spends his time teaching other young men and women how to overcome addictions in their own lives by experiencing a life of “Addition” in Jesus Christ. 

Growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana, His journey is a colorful one. As a former alcoholic, addict, and prisoner John now resides in Rochester, Minnesota with his dream wife Christine of  7 years, son Deacon, and newest addition daughter Paisley.  John has ten years speaking experience including audiences such as middle school students, events, support groups, the incarcerated, and youth groups.  His message is from a heart of compassion to help others in a journey of overcoming sin and finding true lasting freedom in Christ Jesus. 


John has also been in the Automotive Industry for 20 years as an Auto Painter, Body Shop Manager, and Auto Inspector. He remembers clearly hearing God call him at ten years of age to be a pastor, yet He chose another path. Many years later John surrendered his life to that calling. He is currently enrolled in Bible college to become an ordained minister.


“God has truly given me a  heart for the fatherless and the addict. I have walked both roads. I’ve discovered a wellspring  of compassion when I come across someone struggling or bound in these areas. I share a similar grace for all to know Jesus the way I have come to know him but the addict and the fatherless truly burden my heart. When I came to Christ I experienced an outpouring of endless love, grace and mercy although I truly deserved much judgment and penalty, but Jesus chose to heal, restore, and forgive. The things that make my heart soar most are seeing the bound loosed, the captive set free, the mistreated be loved and cared for, the hopeless be believed in, the abused be rescued, the rejected be accepted, the hurting be healed, the broken be restored and most of all the lost be found.” - John R. Mouser