Trusting God

I feel like this may be the hardest lesson to learn in life. Especially if you have a skill or talent that brings finances or any form of success. It's in every human to be self-sufficient. We in turn trust ourselves and worship our ability. Our ability to make life happen. Don't get me wrong we have to work to earn a income. When you figure out God was doing it the whole time, it humbles you. I know how it feels first hand, I've done this most of my life. I can only recall a few times where I didn't trust my ability for life. Both times I was not able to provide for my self. I had to trust God to provide for me. I didn't say I chose to, I said I had to. There wasn't another option. So you may find yourself in situations where you have to trust God. You can't control it. These are the times when you should thank him whole heartedly because we don't know what God knows. All of my situations I've found myself in came from me leaning on myself and my knowledge too much. I didn't value moments where I truly needed God to come through for me. These moments are orchestrated by God to remind you of your desperate need for him.

He also wants you to pray, ask, and depend on him.

He really thinks he is your father. Crazy right? We naturally don't just converse with him unless we are in trouble or need something. It's sad but true. I used to dread the situations where I had to depend solely on God to deliver. It would make me look so irresponsible and unprepared. No matter how hard I worked or tried I would find myself short. Our faith is pleasing to God. There is nothing that makes a man more angry than working his tail off and be short on money. We won't admit it but we just want to be financially secure and not have to trust the Lord for provision. These unique situations would cause my dead faith to rise up and come alive again. Thank God for his grace and mercy to come and show us where we are. We often think we are so high and mighty in the spirit until the Lord has to show up to reveal our true state of being. Not too long ago Deacon was sick, he wasn't running fever but I could tell he needed to see a doctor. So we contacted the urgent care and headed up there. I wasn't very happy, I knew this was going to be costly. This was at a time were the insurance coverage was messed up by Blue Cross so Christine and Deacon had no coverage. So when we get there we check in then as I sit down I'm trying to figure out what weekend I was going to work painting a car or something to pay for this, then surprisingly I hear the Lord speak to me. His voice was sad as if I had hurt him. I heard this, " you don't trust me." I didn't even have to think I knew I didn't trust him. I let certain situations define my trust for God. I seen bad situations as God not coming through. For some reason I only thought God was only a good situation God. The key to trusting is through the good and the bad we trust him. We trust he is working all things out for our good no matter how long it could take. The kingdom of God operates on faith, not security or safety. Imagine how bored God is with possible situations. Impossible on the other hand is the opposite, there was no way it could happen unless God came through. It was impossible to pay my bills because I didn't have a job then God sent me provision. I have seen this first hand. When I was doing what I could he would do what I couldn't. In my second book titled, "The Healing," I share several stories where we could only wait and trust God was not a liar and that he was going to deliver us from our situations that seemed so impossible. All I ever known about God is the impossible situations. That's where we initially met. My criminal charges were impossible for me to be a free man then God stepped in and performed a miracle. Possible is where wisdom, safety, security live. Impossible is where crazy, on the edge, no open door live. Impossible is where God is revealed. Possible is where man can get the credit. Men of the bible where often faced with odds stacked up against them, then they believed God was on their side and they won! How many didn't believe and bowed to fear and unbelief. The day you try to live in the possible is the day your relationship with God gets boring. You see I started living in the impossible with God why would I try to change it. There is no faith needed when I work at a job that gives you a paycheck weekly. That's so average so mundane. How boring right? What is exciting about that. Don't get me wrong I believe in working but I believe in working for God. How often is the Lord on the water calling to us? Come trust me, follow me. You were made for this. We can live by faith or live by comfort. When you decide to do something, our process is. Does this make sense? Or is this God? If it makes sense you may ask yourself if Gods even around it. What's God asking you to do? If its crazy and not the right time or season it may be God. Be sure it's the Lord before you move. He will take you places no one has ever seen. Peter was the only one who heard Jesus calling from the water. The other guys were asleep spiritually and physically. So Peter stepped out of the comfort zone of the boat like a wild man, totally defying the natural restraints and was shooting to do something supernatural like walk on water. Then as he stepped out he started thinking looked left and right, he quit looking at Jesus and went down. The moral is focus on Jesus then you can walk on water, defy the natural to live in the supernatural but if you start thinking and trying to reason things out you will sink like a rock. One thing about finances is the Lord gave you everything you have currently. Even if you worked for it. He allows you to get wealth. You determine how much you get by your stewardship of your money. Faithful with little ruler over much. Let the Lord be your full time provider. Everyone you meet, every sale he sent it to you.  Sometimes he will tell you not to do business with certain people. Be careful. Use discernment but don't get weird. I read a book called, "A life of Trust," by George Mueller. He trusted God for everything. He was a Missionary. He only wanted to get free will love offerings. He rejected salary's. He said rejecting salary's was his final farewell to earthly possessions. He didn't share his needs nor go to anyone for help. He lived in a attitude of faith and dependence upon God to supply all his temporal needs. He Believed God had infinite provision and would release it whenever he needed it. George and his family never went into debt, nor his ministry. Over 6 million dollars was given to him over his life. He considered it a sin to contract a debt without having the money to pay it. He set out to teach others how to live in God and have all their temporal needs met.

He said if we hang on long enough God will always provide.

He said if we trust ourselves and fall back on self because we can't trust God anymore then God cannot deliver us. He believed in the inexhaustible riches of heaven. Only by seeking praying and waiting on God can you live this way. He believed the very basis to living a life of faith is to look to no man but only to God. I was challenged by this mans life, what childlike faith he walked in. When the problems in your life drive you to your knees the storm was successful. It was sent to get you to focus on Gods miracles. He knows if you focus on him and his principles then your path will be made straight. When you are in situations where you can't go forward financially, in your career, in your marriage, or in just life start thanking God for where you are. Don't have 20 excuses why you are chained to your circumstance, be positive, speak your way out of the pit. It may take some time but God will come through and it will be perfect timing. You never see the favor or blessing of God until you have no control of the outcome. Whether it's medical, whether it's financial, whether it's a accident, etc. When you have done all you know to do then God can get involved. When your trust and rest is locked in on him he can move. About a month ago my son fell down the stairs 16 steps without only a small scratch. That's a total miracle. I went to the Doctor the other day for a routine check up and found out my cholesterol is in the critical numbers. I trust that God is taking care of what I can't. I do my due diligence of exercising and eating healthy but God knows when I'm coming home. I challenge you with this wake up everyday like God has planned it for you then ask him every step of the what to do! Watch your life become a edge of your seat adventure.   

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